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Being Brown at Work

Apr 28, 2021

Learn what is needed from a broader perspective to get the next level.


When I started working, all I wanted to do was to keep my head down and do the best work that I could. I would always say, I didn't come to work to make friends. And in a way, this mentality kept me invisible in the workplace.


I did far more...

Apr 21, 2021

The reason Imposter Syndrome is so good at tearing us down is because it's an example of negative self-talk. It’s a little voice in our heads that cuts us down and tries to keep us small especially for Black and Brown women.


We have to eliminate it from our lives both professionally and personally because it’s...

Apr 14, 2021

Fear is usually the thing that holds us back, not just professionally, but also personally but it doesn't have to stop you. One of the steps to get you to that seat at the table is to take action despite your fears.


Join me with guest Telva McGruder as we discuss how to move through self-imposed limiting...

Apr 7, 2021

You've been so focused on the "doing" piece of your job that the social and networking aspects have fallen by the wayside.

While you were nailing every performance metric and hitting all the home-runs you could, you may have been leaving the team-building and networking parts of your job by the wayside.

So how can you...