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Being Brown at Work

Sep 28, 2022

Having a personal brand is essential in 2022! The truth is that you have a personal brand, whether you're intentional about building it or not. 

In the past, your interviews, resume, and references helped you create your reputation. But now, with social media platforms like LinkedIn, you have the power to showcase your...

Sep 21, 2022

You are your own ultimate cheerleader. However, it may be challenging, or at times overwhelming, to speak on your own behalf.

Listen in as my guest, Executive and Leadership Coach, Lisa Medley and I discuss how to make this critical mindset shift towards successful self advocacy.

It's time to kick fear out of the door...

Sep 14, 2022

Listen in as I share some of the Q&As that took place during a recent webinar with my fellow University of Michigan Ross School alums (Go Blue 🎉).


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Sep 7, 2022

In reality, your professional and personal lives aren't separate entities, but two sides of one coin. Listen in to learn why both are important.


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